Cave Wall Arts, and graphics
Figure 1: Not a cave wall
Figure 1: Not a cave wall

Not much to see here, quite yet.

If you've gotten this far, you probably understand how serious this all is.

Of course, it is a film biz - so there's an air of the silly as well.

Cave Wall Arts is the name we're giving to cover a medley of projects that folks are keen on.

What you won't find here is a big, bandwidth sucking flash intro that wastes time and shows everyone how visually clever we are.
(We'll just have to find a better way, right?)

Aristotle, in his Poetics, claims that the first element of Drama is Thought.

Spectacle comes dead last in his list of elements.

For the impatient, go to our bit-flingers archive. It's mostly madness.

A treat for screenplay-writers that use Emacs:
Our version of V.L. Simpson's screenplay mode

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